Moved In

We have now moved in to our new home. Everything went smoothly, we got the keys on the Wednesday,the new white goods were delivered and installed on the Thursday, and our container arrived on the Friday. All is now unpacked and the only breakage was a couple of plastic castors on one of the beds that were easily fixed for a couple of dollars each.

A week or so on and we a very much settled, it seems now that we have been here much longer. We have been really lucky with the rental. It has recently been renovated and painted, and the garden is immaculate. The previous owner must have been a real keen gardener. We have numerous citrus trees, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin, and lime. They are all in blossom so looking forward to a bumper crop. Hopefully the bugs and cockatoos will leave them alone. There are also azaleas and orchids growing, and a passion fruit vine. We are waiting to see what else comes as spring is almost here and everything is growing like crazy.