Everything is Growing

Thought it was time to show you our garden and how the planting has come along in the last 8 weeks. We cannot believe how quickly all the veggies have grown. The tomato plants are over six feet tall with seven trusses of tomatoes on one of them. All the courgette plants are flowering and have got fruit on them. The aubergines are flowering, the leeks are growing well, we have chilli peppers ready for picking and have already had plenty of rhubarb. Most important of all Alice’s sunflowers are growing well.

We need to water on the hot days but that is no problem as we have a 2700 litre rain water tank in the garden so we can be very eco friendly with the water. The tank does not take long to fill when we have a good downpour of rain as it is collecting water off the whole roof of the house.

All the trees around us are coming into bloom and there are lots of birds starting to take advantage of the nectar and fruits that are forming. We get Rainbow Lorikeets in some of our trees and next door there is a tree that the Cockatoo’s seem to like. We also get a regular visit from a pair of Kookaburras.