Homemade Butter

We are having some really hot weather at the moment, forecast to be in the mid 30’s this week. So we got up early this morning, 6:15 am, and went for a walk for an hour or so down to the beach and back.

It is a good time to be out at the moment, not too warm and there are plenty of people about taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and less intense sun. The coffee shops are very busy with people having breakfast.

After breakfast it gets a little too hot and the sun is too intense to be outside so it is a day to find things to do indoors. We had a carton of cream, left over from the christmas festivities, in the fridge that was nearing its use by date so we decided to have a go at making butter from it.

Out came the River Cottage Australia cook book and the instructions were duly followed. Cream poured into the mixer, and whisked until it formed stiff cream, then after another 5 minutes or so it sperated into the butter and butter milk. It was salted, patted into shape, and we now have 500 grams of home made butter.