No Dig Veggie Garden

Today we attended a No Dig Gardening workshop organised by the local council. It is the perfect solution to tough or poor soils and can be created on virtually any surface, be it rocky soil or heavy clay, even over lawn and concrete, and eliminates the need for any backbreaking work. No-dig gardening is like composting. You need a good mixture of carbon materials in the form of straw, and nitrogen in the form of manures. Each layer is watered lightly, because the garden needs to be moist to function properly.

Some people like to leave the whole bed until it has broken down, but it is not always necessary. Initially it is better to grow established seedlings in a new no-dig garden rather than direct sowing. The best plants to use are potatoes and the shallow rooted plants like brassica’s, lettuces and cucurbits. and even some annuals and perennials.