Walkabout Park

This week Maggie was staying with us and as today was forcast to be a little cooler we decided to go and spend the day at the Australian Wildlife Walkabout Park.

When you visit the Walkabout Park, you get to go into the animals’ world. They don’t like to put animals in cages, and most animals don’t like being caged. So, instead, they have secured a large section of Australian bush so as many of the animals as possible can live in their natural habitat. Some animals must be in a controlled environment, as is the case with some of the reptiles and they are in the High Care area at the Visitor Centre because they need special attention.

The free-ranging animals at Walkabout Park are accustomed to people and many hang around the Visitor Centre with the visitors. Emus, Wallaroos,
Parma Wallabies, Agile Wallabies, Tammar Wallabies, and Red-necked Pademelons are some of the animals wandering about. There are also some free-ranging wild reptiles – Cunningham Skinks, Long-necked Turtles, and Diamond Pythons.

We had close up experience with koalas, dingos, flying foxes, wombats to name a few and also got to learn how to throw a boomarang, and had a bit of practise to hone our new learnt skill.