Garden is Growing

Another veggie plot has been completed with seeds planted and we are starting to see the fruits of our labour.  The peas have sprouted and the radish are showing their first leaves.  The veggies that we have planted have grown considerably in the four weeks that they have been in the ground. There is sprouting broccoli, baby cauliflower, French beans, baby spinach, leeks, various chards, kale, salad rocket, fennel, mizuna, bok choy, celary, broad beans, and rhubarb.

The banana plant is established and has grown another set of leaves, and we have fruit on the palm trees.  We can only hope that the dates from them will be edible.

We just need to get a few more areas sorted out ready for planting some native shrubs and a few small native trees to attract a little more wildlife and insects to the garden.