Laundry Project

This has been our major project since we moved into our new home.  The laundry room was somewhat sparse, the space under utilised and in need of a make over.  So we decided it was a doable DIY job so we got cracking.

So it was off to the stores to find out what was available and a plan evolved. First out came the paint brushes and the room was painted top to bottom.  A new toilet was installed and then we set about sourcing and purchasing the cabinets and bench top. Then a small hold up, we discovered that the main water supply stop valve would not turn off fully, so all plumbing work stopped until that was sorted.   A call to the local water company soon had that fixed, reported in the afternoon and a new stop valve was fitted by 10am the following day.

The cabinets were fitted, bench top fixed, bowl and waste plumbing completed.  Then, having been informed that we have guests coming to stay at the end of August (no pressure there), it was up with the wall cabinets and then all that remained was the tiling and a final area to paint.

Job done !