Spring is in the Air

A lovely spring day so out in the garden tending to the veggie plots and hey whats that strange noise?  We could hear a hollow knocking and scraping sound coming from the vicinity of the the gum tree.

Some time later we could hear the kookaburras followed again by the hollow knocking sound. A pair of kookaburras were the culprits, they are building a nest in the gum tree.  The knocking and the scraping sound was them taking it in turn to hollow out an old arboreal termite mound way up in the gum tree.

A little bit of “Googling” soon confirmed that this is where kookaburras like to make their nest. They have been busy all day working away, singing to us, and keeping a close eye on our gardening activities should we turn up the odd tasty worm for them.

So we will now have to wait and see if our new lodgers will stay and have a family.