Christmas Day

Merry Christmas.

Well, we must have been good boys and girls as Santa visited in the night and left plenty of pressies under the tree, and we have Alice with us is, our little angel (here halo has slipped a little).

We were woken before 6 o’clock with the door bell ringing, who could this be, only the neighbor leaving a gift for us outside the front door. She had to go to work on Christmas day so she thought everyone needs to be up early. Sue just caught he running away in her dressing gown.

After we opened our presents and made our telephone calls we had a lazy morning then had our Christmas dinner. Traditional Australian, loads of tiger prawns with homemade aioli for starters and then a BBQ of fish accompanied with lovely salads prepared by Alice. Then followed by a fresh fruit Pavlova.

After eating far too much it was time to just relax, soak up the sun and play games until it was time to tuck into that Pavlova again.