We had the opportunity to attend a bush tucker and survival camp so we jumped at the chance and booked our place. We borrowed a tent and invested in a couple of sleeping bags, put together a few things and we were set to go.

We set off on the Friday, traveled approximately 200km north west of where we live to the homestead of Martindale, then left the road and traveled another 6km along a dirt track to our destination on a property located in the national forest. We pitched tent and waited for the others in our mob to arrive. After getting all the tents up we cooked dinner and had an early night ready for the course starting in the morning.

Well what a weekend, it was full on but very enjoyable. We prepared all of our meals from scratch using local herbs and bush tucker. They were all cooked over an open fire. We had damper, nettle quiche, fat hen fritters, bunya nut curry, barramundi cooked in clay, apple and dock crumble and there was more.

We learned how to light fire, locate water, make twine from the bark of a tree, build shelter, and how to identify some of the plants we could eat.